Ultra Motors has announced the availability of their new electric street bike in the U.S..  The A2B has some nice features like an oversized seat for a comfortable ride and wider posteriors, chunky tires, a mountain bike frame and, what the company claims, is a powerful battery and power train.  Designed to be part bike, part scooter, the A2B can reach speeds of up to 20mph and travel up to 20 miles on a charge.  You can extend your driving range by adding an additional lithium ion battery or doing some pedaling.  Additional baskets and saddle bags are available for hauling stuff. Just plug in to charge.

The A2B has a 500watt motor weighs 73lbs. It’s a little pricey at $2,599 – check Ultra Motors site for dealers.

I’ll leave any testing to real biking experts.

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via: dexigner.com