This post is contributed by guest blogger, Nina Merrill.

My name is Nina Merrill and I am a senior at Colgate University.  I’m currently interning for the Director of Marketing and P. R. at the Organic Trade Association. This summer, I’ve been given the opportunity to create a blog to encourage the development of organic food programs on college campuses nationwide.


The blog, Organic on the Green, gives students the opportunity to network with other students who have similar goals and concerns. It features essays from students on the front lines of making college dining more sustainable and includes postings that address such diverse topics as local vs. organic, student run gardens and CSAs, and college farmers’ markets.  A new entry is posted each Monday and Thursday.

I am also working on a “how to” dining guide for students who hope to bring more organic food to their university or college. It will be available on OTA’s website, and on the blog

Please contact me at:, for more information or if you are interested in posting an entry on the blog!  I hope you will all become regular contributors!

Organic Trade Association (OTA) is a membership-based business association that focuses on the organic business community in North America.