It’s never a good idea to be left in the dark; (I know, because my friends do it to me all the time).
With the hurricane and tornado seasons fast upon us it’s a great time to update your home’s emergency systems and the Freeplay Light Center is a great addition to your home emergency gadgetry.

The wall-mounted, AC powered unit constantly charges 3 rechargeable Sherpa LED flashlights and, in case of a power outage, activates a bright LED beacon to reveal the Light Center’s location.  The 3, extra bright, LED flashlights can be recharged by hand crank if the initial charge runs out. Fully charged, the Sherpas provide light for 20 hours on the ‘economy’ setting and over 3 hours on the ‘bright’ setting.  The Center’s clear cover lets you know if the kids have misplaced one of the flashlights.

No batteries or bulbs to replace (the bulbs are tested to last for 100,000 hours of use).

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