I’m a lucky dog.  My owners, though not quite treehuggers, are pretty green and that carries over into my area of influence.  That being said, I thought I’d take this opportunity to revisit some eco-dog basics for any green newbee pet owners out there.  Getting green is imperative for both man and beast — here are a few of my top tips for the greener dog.


  • A high point of any canine’s day is doing one’s ‘business’.  Disposal and distribution of one’s doggie-do is an important green issue.  Use biodegradable poop bags whenever possible and flush Fido’s waste down the toilet much as you do would own.  If you don’t have a green disposal container use newspaper or some other biodegradable material to scoop-up the ‘stuff’.  Typical plastic sandwich bags are an obvious no-no and don’t spread the untreated poo in your vegetable garden – bacteria is dangerous!  By all means clean up after yourself. A fragrant pile of poo is an embarrassing testament to both your disregard for yourself and the environment.
  • Eat organic.  The recent problem with deadly dog food imported from China should alert everyone to the dangers of buying some of the big-box dog food.  Respect your pooch and spend a little extra on his chow.  Or whip-up dishes for you dog from locally grown stuff.  It may save you a pile of vet bills later. (Update: links removed)
  • Get a hypo-allergenic pet bed.  Chemicals are everywhere and dogs can get allergies and skin rashes quicker than my buddy Jackson chases a squirrel.
  • Use the least toxic flea and tick products.  Hanging a toxic flea collar around my neck is like a human spritzing themselves with Raid five or six times a day…more than the bugs may suffer the consequences.
  • Do a ‘cradle to cradle’ evaluation of each pet product you buy (this goes for cats, too) and don’t buy some plastic tiara for Fluffy today, just to throw it in the trash tomorrow.

Drop me a comment if you have any good green dog ideas of your own….