Let’s get one thing out of the way right off the bat, I have not personally tested this paper-saving toilet seat that is designed to help spritz away dooty.  I realize that this device is certainly not for everyone.


The brand new Swash Ecoseat 250 is projected to save up to 75% of the toilet paper used in a normal potty-throne transactions.  The Swash is described as “a more comfortable, refreshing and hygienic bathroom experience.”  The seat is said to reduce resources wasted on toilet paper, like water, trees and paper, while making conservation an enjoyable habit.

The unit’s hydro-powered nozzles use no electricity, it has retractable front and rear, self-cleaning “cleansing wands”, a comfy seat with slow-close lid, an intelligent body sensor, push button controls and an anti-microbial finish.   Fits 98% of toilets and installs in minutes without a plumber.

Add some recycled TP to the mix and rechargeable batteries to the control panel and you may actually make reading the morning paper in your “library” a wee-bit greener.  Goes for around $400.

more info on the Swash Ecoseat 250 @ brondell.com