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the dog days of summer – seamus the eco dog

I may be a little late on the calendar on this one, but I still have to ask, why do they call this time of year “the dog days of summer”?  I would think “dog days” would connote a bright, shiny, clean-air day providing the best platform for outdoor activities, be it chasing a squirrel or sunbathing on the patio – not smoggy, hot, oppressive conditions that promote shedding, scratching and air conditioning.


Then again, in a presidential election year like this,  the “dog days” can indeed be oppressive and unpleasant, with negative ads, repetitious chest pounding and finger pointing creating more hot air than a Bermuda high or two malamutes in heat.  The pack has now been reduced to the “wise old dog” and the “young energized pup.”  Pretty much a question of style and perception since they’re both politicians.  Being a young pup myself I can see the value of an energetic, well-groomed candidate with good manners.  The older guy appears to be losing some fur, seems a little nippy and may be just a little too set in his ways…well anyway, the fur is gonna fly.  Of course, as in any dog fight, my money is usually on the younger hound in any long, drawn out fracas.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

glasswing jewellery – seaglass meets butterflies

I don’t know if you’ve ever touched seaglass but its smooth surface feels quite soothing.


rings.jpgCheck out Cornwall UK-based artist, Kate Laity’s beautiful, handmade sterling silver jewelry made from two recycled materials — seaglass and silver, as well as her beaded butterflies and forged silver rings.  The designer’s cool collections are flavored by a fusion of the windblown natural beauty of her native West Cornwall, and her background and family heritage as a blacksmith.

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avant-gardener t-shirt

AGgrTbig.jpgLove it! 100% organic cotton, hand-printed t-shirt with a message I can get behind.  A creation of Brooklyn-based artist, Jen P. Harris.   All Black Sheep Heap packaging is made of recycled brown paper grocery bags. Jen also make some sweet eco totes.

A portion of the proceeds from the Avant-Gardener Series go to NYC green garden orgs like 6/15 Green.

Buy stuff from real people.

$20 @

UPDATE: links removed

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a mixed bag of green news


  • This is going to be interesting…Obama Blasts Bush’s ‘Failed Presidency’ – msnbc
  • Watch for a drop in supply…Drivers to Continue Conserving Gas, Even as Prices Fall – rueters
  • Blasphemous is a great word. Museum Defies Pope Over Crucified Frog – reuters
  • Blasphemous! (video) Katy Perry Auctions Off Her Breasts for Charity – ecorazzi
  • Sneak up and aim ahead…Fly’s Brain Senses Swat Threat – bbc
  • The 10 Most Shameless Product Placements in Movie History –
  • What I Did on My Summer Staycation – nytimes
  • (Update: links removed)
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