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Ecofan – heat-powered wood stove fan

eco_fan_actual_1.JPGHow many products now have the word “Eco” in the name? Well here’s another one. This self-powered, off-the-grid fan works via the Seebeck effect to create its own electrical power to turn its fan and move warm air around a room.  Sits directly on top of a wood stove and uses the difference in temperature between cool and hot air to create power via its thermoelectric module.  Must be in contact with the top of the stove.

Very quiet, saves wood, generates its own electricity and comes fully assembled.  Provides something to talk about on chilly, backcountry nights.

Made in Canada where the wind blows cold.

$99.95 @

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

fizzy lizzy – no gunk, no junk

Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention.  One fine summer day about 10 years ago, Lizzy of Fizzy Lizzy was pedaling to her friend’s home with seltzer and fruit juice (fixings for her favorite beverage) in her basket. She had an epiphany of sorts — why not combine the 2 into 1 healthy, refreshing drink?  Fizzy Lizzy was born…


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sustainable furniture from greener lifestyles

Most people’s home furnishings can usually use a ‘green’ makeover.  Eco friendly or organic upholstery and fabrics, recycled or sustainably harvested woods, local manufacturing and non-toxic glues and finishes are some of the details (in addition to style and affordability) that should be evaluated when shopping for new furniture.


Greener Lifestyle makes some very stylish, sustainable furniture, such as the Roxy lounge pictured above.  The Roxy that can be upholstered in organic hemp or wool with natural latex cushions built on FSC certified wood frame.   The piece comes in a variety of configurations.  Now about the price…

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a mixed bag of green news


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