You may have seen the two-page ads in your local newspaper. The Heat Surge “Miracle” heater keeps on advertising and selling hundreds of its 1500 watt electric heaters. The deal: buy the Amish-made “solid wood” mantle and get the Chinese-made heater for free.  Things to remember: all 1500 watt electric heaters produce 5118 BTU’s of heat – no miracle just math, and the only way to save money heating your home with a space heater is to only heat the room you’re in while leaving the rest of the house chilly. Electricity is 2.5 times more expensive than natural gas when used as a heating source.


There have been many complaints from Heat Surge customers anddozens of complaints made to the Canton, Ohio Better Business Bureau about both the ads and company’s policies and practices.  The company may have solved some of these problems. As pointed out in our original (12/2007) post questioning the wording of the Heat Surge newspaper ads we suggest a careful reading of the ad and thorough consumer research before investing your hard earned cash in this product.  You may ultimately end up loving the looks and convenience of the roll-around unit and its fake fireplace design, but it will not be a ‘miracle’ solution to your home heating situation.  Insulation, weather-stripping and programmable thermostats are probably a much more effective investment.   If you decide your home will benefit from an electric space heater there are plenty of less expensive (albeit not so fancy looking) alternatives on the market.

Review some of the over 400 comments on our original post for further customer insights.