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Re-Glass – recycled sea glass

Ever walked along the beach collecting all the gifts the sea has tossed?


Sea Side Supply, (the Prince family), does the finding for you.  This patterned, green sea glass, harvested from the shoreline of Rhode Island, is hole-drilled for transformation into the object of your choice, or as raw materials in your latest DIY project.

This and other found sea stones and stuff at their Etsy shop.

$12 @

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

lance armstrong to promote Clear2O

platinum.jpgLance Armstrong is heading back to the Pyrenees for another assault on the Tour De France and it looks like he’ll now be forgoing bottled water on those tortuous mountain climbs.  Lance has just signed on as the spokesman for Applica Consumer Product’s Clear2O water filtration brand and the “Drink Clean and Go Green” TV ad campaign is already underway.  The company will be developing new products to extend the product line that now features water filter pitchers.  I predict Lance will be drinking his water from a reusable container filled with refreshingly clean filtered water – no plastic bottled water bottles in sight – as he speeds toward the Arc de Triomphe next year.

Look for the Clear2O products at big box stores like Target and WalMart and online @

(UPDATE: links removed)

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solar powered owl – what’s up with that?

File under: What the hell were they thinking?  Some genius designer in China wasted his valuable brain-power creating this solar gadget, when he could have been investing his time and energy in solving the world’s energy crisis. solarowl.gif

Put this head-swiveling little solar-powered owl on your desk or dashboard and be the envy of all your less-than-totally-evolved geekazoid friends.  These folks also sell solar-powered chickens, pigs and dancing pandas.  For those who shun the sun, this little bugger swivels perfectly well on the energy from indoor lighting fixtures.

$16 @


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a mixed bag of green news


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earthbox – organic container garden

My Florida-based sister asked if I could recommend a good way for her to start an organic veggie container garden so I decided to do a little digging around. (My husband I planted basil, rosemary, oregano, lettuce and tomatoes in containers this past spring and we’ve enjoyed the fresh homegrown tastes all summer, but we sort of just threw it together.)  I recalled architect, Michael McDonough, mentioning in a video that he used EarthBox containers to grow a veggie garden on his home’s rooftop deck, so I figured I’d check them out.


Their straightforward method of growing plants is based on a reservoir system to manage the watering of plants.  It’s so simple — once the plants are planted, all you have to do is make sure there’s water in the reservoir of the container.  There’s no way to over-water plants with these containers.  So, as long as there’s always water in the reservoir, plants will never dry out.

You can either order just the EarthBox container (about $30) or the container with a kit (about $54-60). The kit comes with all the essentials for starting a garden, (organic or non), and also includes casters (which makes moving around the plants — for shade or sun — so easy).  The only other thing you’ll need to get is organic plants, and then you’re on your way to enjoying fresh, homegrown veggies at your fingertips.

A great way to start going local. more @

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