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healthy, chemical-free mattresses – twin size

Looking for peace of mind when it comes to tucking your little ones in bed?  Sick and tired of hearing how we’re bombarded by pollutants, and toxic chemicals?  Me, too.  But with so much noxious gunk swirling about, both inside and outside our homes, now wonder we’re sick and tired.


Recently, someone asked me if I could recommend a twin-sized, chemical-free/healthy mattress for her 4-year-old that could be purchased for $500-750.  She said that she wrote to IKEA thinking they might have something and here’s what they said, ” The most organic mattress we carry is called the SULTAN HEIDAL, ($499), spring mattress.  However, we still utilize a flame retardant chemical called phosphoric organic flame retardant.”

Not having bought one myself, I can’t say that any of these mattresses are “personally tried and true,” but here are what seem to be some good options if you’re looking for a “healthy twin mattress” in the $500-$750 range, or above.  Natural latex, wool, organic cotton and hemp are some good, green materials to consider. Anyone who has bought one, please jump in.

Keetsa, (starting at $439, free shipping) (starting at $638 plus shipping) (starting at $777. plus shipping)

more expensive: – (twin, $998)
tomorrow’ – (twin, $912)

other options – contact company for pricing info:

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Monday, September 15, 2008

a mixed bag of green news


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Scout – organic clothing for tots

Scouting around for certified organic duds for the pint-sized crowd?  Onesies, tees, pants, leggings and casual dresses with “the explorer” in mind,


Turquoise Adventure Dress, ($40)  Respect Explorer Tee ($30),

discover the entire fall 2008 collection @ (products are no longer available)

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