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Mountain Green – a better clean

Next time you’re shopping for laundry detergent, don’t be duped by cuddly talking bears or watercolor drawings of sunny, verdant valleys. There’s something dirty hiding in commercial laundry detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets.


Common grocery store brands are loaded with questionable chemicals like phosphates and phenols that leave toxic residues behind, which are then absorbed through our skin and leached into the environment. Mountain Green All Natural Laundry & Cleaning Products are a great alternative.

The company started in Colorado in the ’80s, providing gentle but effective products for people with sensitive skin. They left out petroleum-based ingredients, using only renewable, biodegradable ingredients that are better for our clothes, for people, and for the planet. Mountain Green recently gave their bottles a new look and debuted in chain grocery stores like Ingles, Kroger, Giant Eagle Hannaford, and Sweetbay. You can also order them at

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

bamboo table lamp

BambooLamp_400_1.jpgLove the sweet lines of this sexy table lamp.  Created from sustainable spun bamboo, with a high gloss lacquer finish, this lamp also features a black silk shade. Designed and created by Kansas City’s Barbara Cosgrove.

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a mixed bag of green news


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5 ways to ride wave power

With Congress voting to lift the ban on offshore oil drilling, a Republican Vice Presidential candidate who appears to need a serious tutorial on global warming and an on-going energy crisis, there’s never been a better time to develop new sources of renewable energy.  Wind and solar energy, though slow to roll-out, have already gained wide public acceptance, perhaps it’s time for another look at wave power, the third side of the alternative energy triangle.

Harnessing the power of the ocean’s waves can provide sustainable energy for large populations without producing any greenhouse gas emissions from an energy source that is nearly inexhaustible.  Not a bad idea…  Here are several companies that have either existing or developing wave power technologies.


BioWAVE, designed by BioPower Systems, are pod-like devices located beneath the ocean surface.  Moving to the rhythm of the ocean’s waves, similar to sea plants, BioWAVE was created for maximum energy absorption. In extreme conditions, the devices automatically turn off and lie flat against the ocean floor to avoid any harm to marine creatures. (more…)

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