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a spooky little gift for green people…not


I was plodding around the Internet on my never-ending search for eco-friendly, green products when I bumped headlong into this little guy at the Moss design store.  My proclivity for funky animal related products runs deep though this item ‘created’ by Melissa Dixson made me paws.   The folks at Moss have 2008 down for the stuffed critter’s “Design Year” which should probably read “Birthday.”  Another way to get close to nature.  Ouch!

$1,700 grey fox (taxidermy) @

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

unique vintage time piece necklace


Is this a sophisticated take on the styling of Flavor Flav, a comment on your rebellious disregard to being ‘on time,’ or simply a lovely piece of vintage jewelry that speaks of time well spent?

Each necklace in this line of one of a kind, handmade, vintage pieces features a different watch face, a tiny bird pendant and a name honoring an important woman in the designer, Adjowah Brodie’s, life.

the ‘jackie’ goes for $36 @ the weekend store

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a mixed bag of green news


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