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Atmos Rocker – upcycled seat belts


This nicely ‘green’ rocker is based on classic Shaker design. The Atmos Rocker is constructed of sustainably sourced, ply bent wood to reduce waste, and features a seating area made from upcycled surplus seat belts.

A contrasting color is used to accentuate the joints and the extended front leg discourages out of control rocking (you know who you are).  Designed for work or play.

The belts come in red, black, silver, moss or saddle tan and the wood finish in light oak, ebony or mahogany.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

a mixed bag of green news


  • Maybe it is the ‘Garden State’ after all. NJ Resisting Idea of Offshore Oil Wells – msnbc
  • I crave my Finnish news…Finland Rejects Pipeline Environmental Plan – rueters (Update: link removed)
  • Permafrost holds an enormous amount of stored carbon…Cool Discovery Lifts Global Warming Outlook – Researcher – yahoo! news (Update: link removed)
  • Back off!  Overbearing Parents Foster Obsessive Children – Study – sciencedaily (Update: link removed)
  • I guess this depends on the individual. Is this recycling or upcycling? Keep Loved Ones Forever, as a Diamond – aol news (Update: link removed)
  • Bloomberg continues to green light tidal power, right in my backyard. – N.Y. Tests Turbines to Produce Power – washington post
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