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SIGG – encourages friends to swig, eco style

While the dangers of PBA leaching into plastic water bottles are still being debated, it’s definitely a drag trying to figure out how to stay hydrated while on the go. Personally, I’m in favor of playing it safe, and using a reusable container that will keep cool while in the sun, my water or other libations.  Now we can savor our liquids safely with a SIGnificant lightweight aluminum, reusable bottle that has an interior lining that’s 100% effective against leaching and residue build-up.


Check out the “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink from Plastic” message from the lifestyle design collection.  Instead of draining your wallet by buying disposable plastic water bottles, and polluting the planet while you’re at it — this one-time, long-term investment looks like a good alternative.  How do you stay hydrated while on the go?
($24.99) find @

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Farewell, My Subaru – a sustainable journey

As a Subaru driver, the title of this book, Farewell, My Subaru, caught my eye.


fms.jpgAuthor Doug Fine decided to take “an epic adventure in local living” and settle down on a forty-one acre ranch in a remote area of New Mexico.  With humor, humility and chutzpah, he shares the trials and tribulations of trying to convert to a solar-powered, low-carbon lifestyle.  His Will Rogers meets Mark Twain wit can be laugh out loud funny.  Our sustainable hero deserves a green medal for giving his all, and providing such a refreshingly original and inspiring account of the challenging escapades that ensue.  Pick up a copy at the library.  Fine’s topsy turvy, inspirational journey continues @

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