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bamboo shag rug


This one’s for all you folks turned-on and tuned-in to a retro vibe, listening to Hurdy Gurdy Man or Knights in White Satin, sipping an organic Chablis in front of your EcoSmart fireplace.  Throw out that Sarah Palin-inspired bearskin rug and replace it with this soft and silky, bamboo shag rug. A perfect surface to lounge around on while you reflect on all things Ravi Shankar and Jefferson Starship…or maybe you just want a cool looking rug made of sustainable bamboo — possessing all those anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic qualities the “boo” is known for.

7 x 10 rug goes for $799 @

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

go with the FLOW

Walk down the streets today and you’ll encounter conversations and tabloids howling over the upcoming food crisis, oil crisis, and global warming.  Lurking in the media’s shadows, however, is an equally perilous threat that’s already at our shower-heads and in our bodies – the water crisis. We may live on a blue planet, but the water that has offered Earth life for billions of years is in serious danger.  Surprised? Then I recommend hitting the big screens to view Director Irena Salina’s newly released documentary called, very simply, “FLOW”.

fw1.jpgFLOW gushes with current water concerns whose tributaries glide through the lives of politicians, environmentalists, thirsty civilians, and their human right’s activists.  The ongoing clash between these forces arose after water’s privatization by corporations caring not for the environment, livelihood, or life of a human who may come to the tap with empty pockets.

In the US, whether you’re drinking water from the tap or the bottle, you’re likely on multiple pharmaceuticals and ingesting various pesticides, previous weapons of war now linked to multiple health concerns. Meanwhile, corporations are freely harvesting thousands of gallons of freshwater per minute from our remaining springs and aquifers, while polluting our environment, and selling the water at outrageous markups within nonrenewable onetime-use plastic bottles.

If your appetite’s been whet for a more complete story, grab your wallet and head to your local theater to view FLOW. FLOW will open your eyes and make you re-think your water supply and the corporate motive.  Check for theaters and show times @

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a mixed bag of green news


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Passchal – upcycles tires into eco luxe bags

From their early days in the market, we’ve been fans of Passchal’s eco line of luxury handbags, totes, messenger bags and even men’s baby diaper bags.


Fashioned from recycled tractor tire inner tubes, their newest collection features vegetable-dyed, chrome-free leather trim and sides, which keeps the bags lightweight.  With splashes of yellow, red and green in their expanded collection, their clean designs include cool features like auto-on interior lights, and special compartments for your cell phone, PDA and iPod. Richmond, Virginia based Passhal has recycled 20 tons of inner tubes to date.

(L) Men’s Messenger bag ($235) – with a removable laptop case
(R) Pauline bag ($upon request) – call to order

more great green bags @

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