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seamus the eco dog gets political

socktopus_M_1.jpgWhen I look up at the tv these days, I’m seeing an awful lot of the two presidential candidates and their running mates.  You know, the old, cranky “Sit! Stay!” geezer basking in the glow of his beehive-sporting “leave that dog outside” VP.  And the easy going “I wouldn’t advise chewing on that table leg” black guy alongside the older guy with the comb-over and run-on sentences.

seamlksupprofside___1.JPGGiven the current presidential choices, I propose an alternate pairing, (pictured here), these nifty ‘Sweater Monkeys.’  No debating, attack ads, or political shenanigans with these guys; just grab a leg and start chewing.

Handmade from recycled sweaters so they’re one-of-a-kind.

$26 a pair @

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Icebreaker – Grace eco cami

gracecami.jpgMade from soft, sustainable merino wool, lingerie in the NATURE ULTRALITE line is super gentle on your skin. This beautiful range of pure merino underwear features stunning, nature-inspired prints. The Grace Cami adheres to every contour of your body, with sexy side paneling, a gentle v-neck, an athletic-inspired back and adjustable straps.

Won’t hold odors or moisture, is non-itchy, extremely soft and luxurious against your skin.

a choice of four tasteful colors
$44.99 @

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a mixed bag of green news


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cassette wallet – upcycling?

Italian designer Marcella Foschi has created these one-of-kind wallets out of old audio cassette tapes.


Does this meet the definition of ‘upcycling’? I guess it depends on the original recording artist. Due to the unique nature of this product it is currently out of stock.  Figures.

$39 + $4 s&h @

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