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refrigeratorsaver – save energy and cash

refrigeratorsaver9.jpgFrom the “every little bit helps” department comes this little green gadget. Humbly marketed as “the World’s Easiest Green Product”, the RefrigeratorSaver is a thermometer that is designed to save you energy by accurately telling you the temperature of the food and produce in your refrigeratorsaver1.jpgfridge or freezer.   By accurately setting your fridge’s thermostat the company estimates you can save anywhere from 8-24% on the annual cost to run your refrigerator; a savings of up to $50 year.

The key component of the RefrigeratorSaver is the silicone gel inside; it accurately mimics the temperature of food, not the temperature of the air like other appliance thermometers. Most consumers have their refrigerators set to run too cold, for every one degree you’re able to change on your refrigerator thermostat you’ll save 8% on energy costs.

$29.99 @ – starts shipping Oct. 1st

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

rainwater HOG – rainwater run-off storage

rainwaterhog1.jpgThe Australian architect, Sally Dominguez, has created the Rainwater HOG, a unique solution to the problem of rainwater run-off and greywater storage in areas where space is limited. The Rainwater HOG’s relatively small size enables it to fit into many spaces previously not available to water tanks. And its modular design enables it to be extended and capacity increased bit by bit, and in multiple locations around your house and property.

The Rainwater HOG’s narrow profile makes it a great water storage solution along side walls, down narrow passages and underneath decks and house structures. Being able to sit flat, on its side or stand upright on its end, the Rainwater HOG is sized to fit between the timber joists of her deck. The tank can support its full weight on any of its surfaces without bulging.  Each Rainwater HOG stores about 47 gallons of water.


The tank is roto-moulded food grade plastic, which complies with FDA and HPB regulatory standards for food contact, but should never be used for drinking water. This is because the water from your roof is contaminated with animal and vegetable matter which needs to be filtered from the stored water before it is fit for consumption. The tank material itself is recyclable and carries a 1 year guarantee. In another bit of green design, the unit ships unpackaged.  A good green building concept though not cheap.

distributed in the USA, Australia and Canada: dealer locator

$450 ea. @ design within reach

via: cool hunting (Update: link removed)

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