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Triton Hotel – In the Heart of San Francisco

The next time you travel to San Francisco, you might want to try the Triton Hotel.  Part of the Kimpton family, this green hotel makes it a priority not to compromise the environment for luxury. The way they see it, you can have both!

Their commitment to sustainable practices is widely acclaimed.  In addition to following water conservation practices to reduce usage by 25 percent, the hotel has also installed motion sensors and Halogena Advantage light bulbs to reduce energy consumption.  And, they offer 25 percent off valet services for hybrid vehicles.  Check out a complete list of their eco-friendly amenities (trust me, there are a lot!)

Of Triton Hotel’s 140 rooms, 7 eco suites have been designed by celebrities and feature all things green.  Woody’s Oasis, the suite created and inspired by Woody Harrelson, features organic cotton sheets and biodegradable, corn-based pillows.  And the furniture is made only from wood that has been sustainably harvested. Every time a person stays in Woody’s suite, the hotel donates 10 percent of the room price to Oasis Preserve International, a nonprofit organization that protects endangered ecosystems.  It doesn’t stop there…


Triton Hotel has the best perch in San Francisco, located just two blocks from Union Square and across the street from Chinatown.  Conveniently accessible to the finest of San Francisco, some of the premier spots are only a short ride or stroll away — the Moscone Convention Center, Little Italy, the Financial District, and Nob Hill.

The hotel’s prime location, combined with its luxurious atmosphere and dedication to the environment make it an obvious stay the next time you’re in San Francisco.  And hey, it’s a place that you can feel good about staying at!

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Monday, September 29, 2008

air breeze – the latest in off-grid wind power


Small wind leader, Southwest Windpower, has introduced its new, small wind turbine, Air Breeze, as its successor to its successful Air-X product. The system is primarily marketed for off-grid applications such as vacation homes, cabins, boats and RV’s, or as an adjunct to an existing battery charging renewable energy system (solar). The Air Breeze is marketed as being quieter, more efficient, and precision engineered to deliver more energy at lower wind speeds than any other wind generator in its class. (Update: links removed)

airbreeze.jpgProvides power at wind speeds as low as 6mph and 200 watts of power at 28mph.  For land or marine use, the 46 inch diameter rotor can be pole or roof mounted on land, or mounted on a boat for marine use.

12 and 24 volt models range in price from $599 to $699 on the net @ (doesn’t include installation, mounting and storage system). (Update: link removed)

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Jurlique—New Biodynamic Skin Care

Jurlique, an Australian-based skincare line made with organic plants, herbs and flowers grown on the company’s own farms, recently launched five new biodynamic products: a Beauty Serum, Balancing Face Oil, Eye Cream, Refining Treatment, and Night Lotion.


The products are loaded with naturally active ingredients such as calendula, soapbark tree extract, hibiscus, beech tree buds, witch hazel, pansy, sweet violet, daisy, rose, licorice root, chickweed (whatever that is!) and on and on. This collection does not contain parabens, mineral oils, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, synthetic emulsifiers, artificial colors or fragrances.

Because they’re grown biodynamically, the products are a bit more expensive than some of Jurlique’s other offerings, but then again, you pay for what you get. (Note: You can find a good definition of biodynamic farming here:  find more @ (Update: some links removed)

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Bibs and Match – the perfect onesie set

After the birth of her second child, mom Molly Chen decided it was time to stop tying one on — tying a bib on her infant, that is.  Concerned about the safety of those traditional tie or velcro bibs that might accidentally strangle or even suffocate a child, Molly gave birth to a new business — Bibs and Match, creating bibs and onesie sets, that work in a snap.


Made with non-toxic, 100% water-based inks, and now available in super soft organic cotton, these clever, comfy, cool, bibs and matching onesies are designed to snap on simply to each other, with six strategically placed snaps.  As tried on my friend’s bambina, Sofia, it’s true — the set works beautifully, there’s simply no way that this bib could rotate around a baby’s neck, or cause any irritation to their chin or neck.

bam2.jpgVoila — safe, comfy, happy baby = happy parent. The 3-piece organic cotton set comes in 2 sizes — 0-6months and 6-12months, ($32). Find where to buy in-store or online.  Check it out, Donny Deutch’s Big Idea recently recognized this as a million dollar idea!

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a mixed bag of green news


  • All workmen on the project will be required to wear kilts…Scotland to Build ‘Wind Farms Under the Sea’ – (Update: link removed)
  • Scientists Eager to See European Spacecraft’s Death Dive – livescience
  • Give that produce a good rinse. Is the Salad Bar Safe? science daily
  • (video) Gore: Climate Crisis Like Financial Crisis – (Update: link removed)
  • There was urination involved…Man Fined for Putting Wife’s Cat Outside – ananova
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