I’m intrigued by the idea of bamboo homes.  Perhaps because of the unprecedented, current economic debacle, the idea of flying the coop and living on a Caribbean island for a spell seems very appealing.


If I were to put any effort in this direction, I’d check into living in a pre-fabricated home like this, built to meet the Dade County/FL/USVI wind load code requirements of 145 pmh winds, the strictest requirements in the U.S. — made by the “first and only internationally certified manufacturer of bamboo structural systems.”  Bamboo Living’s exclusive distributor in the U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico — Bamboo Island Home now has 8 pre-fab structures, and the first ICC-ES certified — scheduled to arrive in St Croix in November ’08.  Ah yes, the fantasy continues as I imagine the trade winds stir a soothing breeze. more @ bambooislandhome.com

via:  prweb (Update: some links removed)

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