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Synthesizing Snot Stew

Easing Earth’s Plasticular Cancer, Part 2 of 2 – safety issues as related to plastic

Reminiscent of a children’s book in which several “is not”…“is too” exchanges blend into “snot stew,” officials have been serving their own snot stew in response to demands on whether it’s safe to be ingesting the plastic chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) – found in numerous food and drink containers, dental sealants, and consumer products. The EPA deems 50 ppb of BPA within humans as safe, yet with 95% of Americans hosting BPA and multiple nations already outlawing the chemical, their debate is anything but settled.


Reports spawning from research groups across the globe warn of links between BPA and various health concerns including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, infertility, and numerous mental and behavioral problems. Slowing the production of a potentially hazardous chemical sounds like a safe idea to many consumers, but this isn’t the case for plastic industries profiting off the 6.4 billion pounds of BPA produced annually.

Phthalates and other plastic compounds should also be under interrogation after being identified as endocrine disruptors. When these plastics hit the landfill they leach into our soil and waterways, disrupting adjoining ecosystems. In addition, weathered plastic products end up in the “Pacific Garbage Patch”- an animal’s nightmare covering an area larger than Texas and increasing tenfold every decade.

So until this “snot stew” has been properly digested, here are some changes that you can make: Sprint from plastic numbers 3, 6, and 7 as these contain BPA and are recycling losers. Avoid canned goods lined with BPA resin, don’t permit plastic wrap to touch your foods, and definitely don’t let your plastics meet any heat as it accelerates leaching. Most importantly, pass up plastic products whenever possible as none of them prove complete innocence.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

seamus – collared in green hemp


seamstudious___1_2_1.JPGMy perspective on dog collars…they give dog owning humans the false sense of control that allows we canines to work the system, showing just enough obedience to get the best treats and accessories.  The super durable hemp collar pictured above is both manly in style and function.  Great for the beach, the yard or just pulling my owner around by the leash.

comes in green, orange and purple

$20 @

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R Martin EVD – a quick, quiet, electric scooter

bluebike.jpgUrban commuting doesn’t have to be a dirty, fuel guzzling endeavor.  Austin, Texas-based electric bike and scooter maker, R Martin, has just introduced its new lithium model EVD, with ‘the latest commercially available,’  lithium-iron-phosphate battery.  The plug-in electric scooter features a clean and quiet 55 mph top end and 60 mile driving range at 30 mph.   Fully charged in 6 to 10 hours.  No gas, oil, gears or noise.

info on specs, dealers and pricing @


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standing conga light – metaform studio

standing_conga.jpgMetaForm Studio has a nicely redesigned website that features their beautiful, sustainable lighting fixtures. Pictured at right is the Standing Conga Light, a dramatic sculptural piece with an eye-catching, organic shape.

Handcrafted from FSC maple veneer and stained with eco and human-friendly, natural milk stains. A compact, energy efficient light bulb is included with purchase.

50″ H x 12″ W


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a mixed bag of green news


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