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stanker boozbox – upcycled oil barrel bar

Innovative French designer, Francois Royer has done it again.  The BoozBox  (pictured below) embodies several concepts I can fully embrace — relaxing with a fine libation, recycling and offbeat out-of-the-mainstream design.


BoozBox is a mini-bar made of two, small, brushed oil barrels on a concrete base. You have to twist the top once to open the box. It comes with 4 wine glasses and a stainless steel bottle opener.

BzB_4.jpgA note to potential buyers:
Pay cash and Francois will throw-in a bottle of fine local Bourgogne red wine!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ECHOage – more meaningful birthday gifts

Tired of same-old, same-old, when planning your child’s birthday party?  Not too thrilled by the gifts they receive and feeling guilty over the level of consumptive waste?  Checkout ECHOage, a new online service that allows you to celebrate the practice of giving while getting and encourage socially conscious values.


Basically, you sign up for the e-vite service, let your child choose from a list of charities, then invite guests to contribute (funds go toward the chosen cause and one special gift for the birthday boy or girl).  ECHOage arranges everything — no need to drive, shop, wrap or even pick up the phone to make a contribution.

Once all of your guests have responded and paid, ECHOage deducts a 15% administration fee.  Then, the money is split in half between you and the charity you have chosen.  ECHOage sends the donation to the charity, and you will receive an official tax receipt in the mail. Currently, you can choose from: Girls Inc, Free Children, EarthCorps, Nourish America, International Child Art Foundation, and a few Canadian-based charities as well.

Resonating positive vibes — it’s a great way to show how — together, “one small act of giving can echo around the world.”

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ultra-thin solar calculator


My guess is that this solar calculator is targeting the quickly expanding green accountant demographic.  A dedicated collective of eco-conscious CPA’s focusing all their off-the-grid analytical skills on saving the planet one spreadsheet at a time. Great for balancing the books deep in the outback or the Amazon jungle.

kinda cool looking

$8 @

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water powered calculator, (3.24.08)

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falling for fall’s culinary delights

If you love fresh food and you love the fall, here’s a deal you may not want to pass up. Welcome autumn’s harvest with a stroll through one of NYC’s green markets, side by side with a top chef, and continue your journey to their specially prepared, market-inspired lunch at a nearby restaurant.


Sponsored by CENYC, there are 2 upcoming Chef Tours and Tastes events:

Friday, 10/10/08 Chef Galen Zamarra tours Union Square Greenmarket, with lunch following at Astor Center. (10a-2p) $125 plus beverage and gratuity.
Saturday, 10/18/08 Chef Marcellus Coleman and Rose Water Owner John Tucker guide you through Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket in Brooklyn, with lunch at Rose Water. (12:30-4:30) $125 plus beverage and gratuity.

more Council on the Environment NYC special events, @ (Update: link removed)

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a mixed bag of green news


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