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Sharp 52 inch Solar-Powered LCD


Sharp has introduced this solar powered LCD at the recent CEATEC Japan trade show.  Not a lot of details available at the moment.  But it looks like the solar panel is larger than the LCD screen, which makes this a little problematic for studio apartment dwellers, not to mention your cousin Barry, who’s living in your Aunt Claire’s devoid of sunlight, basement.

A good idea, maybe a little before its time.


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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Playa Viva – an eco luxe resort in Mexico

With the economy in the tank right now, the idea of flying the coop might prove therapeutic. What sounds so alluring about Playa Viva is that it’s conceived as not only a comfortable, eco minded resort, but also a sustainable residence community. The eco-minded developers are creating an idyllic property that will respect its natural setting while enhancing the lives of local neighbors.


Taking their cue from David Suzuki’s philosophy that we are nature, we are the environment, there is not distinction, and looking to attract folks who are socially aware and care deeply about the planet, the infrastructure will honor the existing dunes, ocean, and exotic native wildlife, and at the same time, create a vital link to the local community. (more…)

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a mixed bag of green news


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Kaight – eco fashion fall online sale

ks1.jpgIt’s not always easy to find a great looking coat, no matter what the cost.  But Laura Dawson’s organic cotton UNA caught my eye. Available in this pretty shade of blue, or black.

It’s on sale now through October 15 at
$400 –  25% ($100) = $300.
Now through October 15, use coupon code “fall” at checkout and receive 25% discount on everything online @

Kaight is a great eco boutique on the lower east side, stop by when you’re in the neighborhood and tell Kate I said hi:)

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kaight – eco boutique (1.17.08)

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