With the economy in the tank right now, the idea of flying the coop might prove therapeutic. What sounds so alluring about Playa Viva is that it’s conceived as not only a comfortable, eco minded resort, but also a sustainable residence community. The eco-minded developers are creating an idyllic property that will respect its natural setting while enhancing the lives of local neighbors.


Taking their cue from David Suzuki’s philosophy that we are nature, we are the environment, there is not distinction, and looking to attract folks who are socially aware and care deeply about the planet, the infrastructure will honor the existing dunes, ocean, and exotic native wildlife, and at the same time, create a vital link to the local community.


With 200 acres of ocean-front property, (a mix of degraded land and private reserve), the developers are regenerating the degraded land by planting 7,000 native trees, as well as training local farmers in organic agriculture and permaculture, and establishing a co-op market for their pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.


Ultimately, the Paradise-like property allows you to stay in a casita or palm tree house, surrounded by an edible landscape whereby you could simply grab a mango on your way back from a walk on the pristine beach.


Prepare to swim, surf, fish, hike, bike, kayak, horseback ride, or enjoy meditating and yoga or reading and relaxing.  Of course, you could always unwind in their world-class spa or indulge in a gourmet meal at one of their seaside restaurants.

With 135 images and 7 videos, you can check out the photo gallery and Nature Preserve video for more info.  Located in the town of Juluchuca on Mexico’s Pacific coast, Playa Viva is slated for completion in April, but already booking reservations.  And if you really love it, you can just buy into the property. Which reminds me, where’s my lottery ticket?

JULY 15, 2009 UPDATE:  This boutique hotel and beach community is on schedule to open November 7, 2009.  With 5 rooms plus a tree house, make your rez, now – contact them at info @ PlayaViva.com