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Attention Sushi Lovers

I received an advance copy of Sustainable Sushi, and because I love sushi so much, I was compelled to dive right in.  sushi2.jpg

Available in January ’09, be sure to put it on your list of must reads. Author and ocean conservationist, Aaron Casson Trenor, lays it out so every consumer can easily understand and follow sustainable eating habits of they’re favorite marinefood.  He covers everything from health concerns, to how these creatures are harvested, whether or not they’re sustainable, and even suggests similar, but sustainable alternatives to the endangered fish that you may love.  For the many of us who love food, but don’t always know how to eat sustainably, this book is an easy and informative read, complete with beautiful photos!

susu1.jpgTrenor breaks the menu down into three categories: sustainable (enjoy), use caution (limit eating these), or unsustainable (avoid!!!).  How easy it that?  He provides a detailed background for each species’ current state: whether it’s endangered, has high levels of mercury, how it’s breed, and how this affects your health.  For example, whether fish are farmed or how they’re harvested makes a big difference; although albalone makes a great substitute for clams or shrimp, make sure that it’s farmed albalone you’re eating, and not wild albalone, which may be illegally poached.  Without giving too much away, the conscious consumer will find exactly what types of fish are sustainable to eat, which aren’t, and what are better substitutes.  So, instead of ordering a plate of farmed salmon, you may want to opt for Arctic char that’s farmed in close-containment, which is a close relative and strong sustainable alternative.  The list of marinefood covered is quite extensive, ranging from the most common (more…)

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

floating-greens innovative planter design


Tired of water rings on your window sill? Designers olze & wilkens have come up with a unique conceptual take on the window planter.  Floating-greens utilizes magnetized backing to mount this indoor gardening ensemble right on a window.  One half inside – one half out. Lets you open the window too…

a concept not for sale

more from these Swedish designers @ (Update: link removed)

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a mixed bag of green news


  • Somebody’s giving barracudas a bad name…Report: Palin Abused Power, Violated Ethics Code – cnn
  • It’s tough to see this  ‘silver lining’ right now…U.N. Says Credit Crisis Could Enable Green Growth – reuters
  • Scary stuff. Nature Loss “Dwarfs Bank Crisis – bbc (Update: links removed)
  • Does combing 2 bad companies just create one really big bad company? Report: Chrysler and GM Discuss Merger – yahoo! news (Update: links removed)
  • It’s a tough time for real estate agents…Woman Accused of Serving Pot-Laced Cake to Guest – myway (Update: links removed)
  • Bionic Humans: Top 10 Technologies – livescience (Update: links removed)
  • No comment. Woman, 105, Credits No Sex for Long Life – aol news (Update: links removed)
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