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Flush Doggy – biodegradable poop bag

Prompted by a fan’s suggestion, I was compelled to check out Flush Doggy’s flushable dog poop wrap. When I’m strutting my stuff, who wants to leave a big carbon paw print, and smelly, unsightly trail?


Now my natural waste can be treated in a similar manner to my master’s.  It just goes down the drain.  Made of water soluble, polyvinyl alcohol, how cradle to grave of me.

Not yet available online, but you can get a free sample @ and give one a try.

It’s nice to know that for every purchase, wherever that’s made, Flush Doggy donates 10% to the ASPCA to help rescue abused dogs.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Healthy Kitchenware Food Carrier – no more plastic!

Worried about losing a ton of money in last week’s stock market crash?  The thought of plastic toxins leaching into your food keeping you awake at night?  Sorry, we can’t fix that financial loss, but we do have a nifty way to keep those plasticizers from potentially leaching hazardous chemicals into your food.  Here’s a new age meets old-school way to help stay healthy, be eco-conscious and save money!


HealthyKitchenware’s Food Carriers are available as single compartments (small, medium and large), as well as 2-tiered or 3-tiered compartments with a handy carrying handle.  Each compartment of the tiered versions measures 4 1/2 ” diameter x 2″ deep and can be used as bowls or for re-heating.  fc2.jpg

Perfect for salads, fruit, rice, pasta, chili, sandwiches — any solid food (not for liquids). Be the first in your office or school to carry your favorite meals from home and enjoy them, plastic-free.  Also ideal for fishing or camping out, or simply storing leftovers in the fridge at home. Who knows – maybe one day it will become standard practice when ordering meals “to go,” to bring your own container.  Better for the environment, and better for you. (more…)

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