Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble…

5 Ways to Brew Yourself a Frighteningly Green Halloween


  • Show solidarity with unlicensed plumbers, aerial wolf hunters and big oil, while putting a fright into left-wing media types, caribou, treehuggers and assorted liberals when you strap-on the ghoulish-ous Sarah Palin mask (L, above).  We suggest accessorizing with a natural fur bikini (C, above), an automatic weapon and/or your grandfather…
  • Be the envy of all the green devil worshipers at your Hallowgreen Pagan Fest by illuminating your eco-crypt or graveyard with either the Solar-Powered Corpse Light or the energy efficient Solar Skull (R, above).
  • Put a dent in the sugar-high of those fiendish kids clawing at your door by giving them each a nice assortment of organic carrot sticks, celery and cauliflower along with a copy of your favorite recipe for homemade organic humus printed with soy ink on recycled paper. Hmmm good!!
  • Run out of candy corn?  Give those little devils frantically ringing your doorbell a head start on growing their own local produce by hand out re-usable bags full of dark, aromatic compost from your whiff-y kitchen compost.
  • toiletpaper.jpgAnd an ‘oldie but goodie’…Every Mischief Night you fill your lovely neighbors’ trees and shrubs with toilet paper. This year, make an eco-statement by adorning their greenery with 100% recycled toilet tissue from Seventh Generation.
  • (Update: links removed)

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Happy Hallowgreen (10.26.07)