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gotwind dance charger – booty power


dancecharge_L1.jpgIf you’re an active type who likes to dance, climb things, or perhaps has some rare twitching disorder, this may be the small device charger for you.   Armband mounted, this new eco gadget from Gotwind transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy to power or charge your phone or gizmo.  No word on whether the quality of the dancing has any discernible effect on charging efficiency.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

bamboo storage table


Lightweight, sustainable and tasty to look at; this bamboo table also features a removable top for storing a pillow, throw, or a bit of your miscellaneous clutter.

16″d x 18″h

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Did someone mention Dessert?

It’s been said that ‘desserts’ is just ‘stressed’ spelled backwards, hinting of the aid our sweet friends lend us through testing times.
It seems against tradition then that we might become stressed while deciding which sweet subject to succumb to.  Presented below are
6 Sugary Profiles of common &/or note-worthy destinations for your sweet tooth to land in.


Plain ol’ Refined White Sugar~
Agreeable: It’s everywhere and ready to fulfill our cravings at any moment.
Not so nice: Significant assaults to our health and the environment (download WWF’s Sustainable Sugar Brochure.)  Beginning this year, sugar beets joined high fructose corn syrup in the genetically modified arena that will result in a large portion of this country’s sweets to be of GM origin.  Air pollution and disturbance of animal residents from the burning of sugarcane fields for harvesting presents a problem for vegans, as is the common process using animal bone char to remove color from the refined sugars.  Brown sugar’s not much better either, as most of the time it’s just white sugar dressed up in a coat of molasses.

Evaporated Cane Juice~
Agreeable: Easy to substitute in your favorite beverages and baking recipes. Due to less refining when compared with table sugar, it retains a somewhat greater nutritional value and exhibits a reduced affect on your blood sugar level. And as always, less refining processes translate into less pollution.
Not so nice: The Price. (more) (more…)

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a mixed bag of green news


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