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save energy with insulating curtains


If the price of oil, gas, and electricity is blowing through your bank account make sure the heat in your home isn’t going out the window.  In addition to weatherstripping and proper insulation you might want to cut down on drafts and heat loss by installing insulated curtains for the winter months.  The curtains pictured above are backed with 100% acrylic foam insulation which blocks winter’s drafts and heat loss from warm interior air hitting cold windows.

these and more insulated curtains @ plow & hearth

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Friday, October 24, 2008

trick or treat canine style

Why do humans have all the fun at Halloween?  The biggest kick I get on Halloween is barking at kiddies when they ring the old doorbell.  One look at me and nobody’s scared.  Drat!


Anyhoo, here are a couple of neat toys for my furry brethren from designer seamprofile_1_1_1.JPGNina Ottoson’s Zoo Active line of dog party toys.  These toys require a pooch to uncover the hidden treat to the amusement of their masters and/or assorted party guests.  Hope all you Saint Bernards can figure these out. Remember – small dogs are smarter.

Peace, Seamus the eco dog.

find these toys and the best treats @ olivegreendog. Take a bite out of your bill –use OliveAC code at check-out for 10% off.

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Sea Stones rock your world

Love adding a little touch of the outdoors into your living space? 
I do, especially when this natural touch soothes the soul, and serves a practical purpose as well.


New Hampshire-based Sea Stones creates elegant and funky functional art from stones and tree bark, with a sustainable approach to harvesting seas, rivers and land for their raw materials.  They replenish.  For every stone collected, they purchase a quarry stone and toss it into the sea.  For every tree used, they plant 10 more.

Their unique designs take many forms: hooks, cabinet knobs, desk clocks, magnets, necklaces and bottle stoppers. And they’re all reasonably priced — the StoneStopper set (bottle stop with base),  $20. The set I have is topped with a stone that’s so ergonomically perfect, it’s a natural wonder.  And my half-drunk bottles of vino like it, too.

Their site offers wholesale, but you can also locate a retail shop near you, here.

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a mixed bag of green news


  • The EPA is supposed to protect the public…right? EPA Weakens New Lead Rule After White House Objects – yahoo! news (Update: link removed)
  • Arnold does get things done…California Gets Solar Thermal Power Plant – msnbc
  • (video) A Mounted Moose Speaks Out Against Sarah Palin for VP – ecorazzi (Update: link removed)
  • (podcast) Can Nanotech Help Meet the Energy Challenge? – earth & sky
  • Excuse me! The Stink in Farts Controls Blood Pressure – livescience (Update: link removed)
  • Communication is the key to any lasting relationship…Woman Arrested for Killing Virtual Reality Husband – cnn (Update: link removed)
  • We only feature important breaking news…Runaway Hamster Found Alive – ananova (Update: link removed)
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