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Friday, October 31, 2008

BeGreenNow – reuse a bag and plant a tree

bgp1.jpgOK.  So I’m a (reusable) bag lady.  The folks from BeGreenNow know this, and they asked me to review their BeGreen Pod bag.

After using their good-sized tote for several weeks, I’m happy to say, it’s adorable, useful, and cleverly made.  Here’s why I like it: it’s created from 100% recycled polyester and designed to scrunch up into itself, you can fold it up and clip it onto your backpack, purse or briefcase; (it comes with a carabiner and clip). According to BeGreenNow, choosing a reusable bag rather than paper or plastic helps prevent about 21 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year. To top it off, for every bag purchased, one native tree is planted in an ecosystem restoration project in the U.S.

What are you waiting for?  be green now ($12.95)

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Touchless Recycling Bin

touclessrecyclebin.jpgThis touch-less recycling bin is ideal for germaphobes, clean freaks and those seeking a more organized and self-contained recycling set-up.  The lid automatically opens when your hand enters the zone within 6″ of the unit’s infrared sensor located on top of the bin.  Remove your hand and the lid closes in 3 seconds.  Comes with wheels for moving it around and two 8 gallon, plastic inner buckets.

Operates via the included AC adapter or 4 D-sized batteries.

$129.99 @

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seamus weighs in on Halloween and more


We dogs don’t get Halloween. Please leave your pets with a shred of self respect by leaving them out of your wacky costume festivities.  Don’t give in to your compulsion to: shave your pet Maltese, Mel’s, head, dress him in some freshly minted low-riding jeans and parade him around as “Joe the Plumber Dog.”

seamwtoylksup_1_1_1.JPGSpeaking of the Presidential dog fight…I see where Barack and Michelle Obama have promised their girls a dog after the race for the White House is over.  In anticipation of this ‘event’ the AKC’s website took a poll of its readership and came up with the poodle as the ideal companion for the Senator’s clan.  Hopefully, Senator McCain doesn’t realize that’s a ‘French’ poodle and the info gets transformed into an attack ad…Oh, Senator McCain does have 4 dogs of his own.  Wonder if Senator Cranky Pants can name them all?

the frightening costumes pictured above can be found @

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