We dogs don’t get Halloween. Please leave your pets with a shred of self respect by leaving them out of your wacky costume festivities.  Don’t give in to your compulsion to: shave your pet Maltese, Mel’s, head, dress him in some freshly minted low-riding jeans and parade him around as “Joe the Plumber Dog.”

seamwtoylksup_1_1_1.JPGSpeaking of the Presidential dog fight…I see where Barack and Michelle Obama have promised their girls a dog after the race for the White House is over.  In anticipation of this ‘event’ the AKC’s website took a poll of its readership and came up with the poodle as the ideal companion for the Senator’s clan.  Hopefully, Senator McCain doesn’t realize that’s a ‘French’ poodle and the info gets transformed into an attack ad…Oh, Senator McCain does have 4 dogs of his own.  Wonder if Senator Cranky Pants can name them all?

the frightening costumes pictured above can be found @ spoiledrottendoggies.com