When invited to the spring 09 preview of Payless Shoes my initial take was, hmmm green shoes from Payless, what’s up with that?  And at the same time I’m thinking, how did they knew I was a shoe freak?
(kidding, of course).

summer2_1.JPGAnyway, I make my appointment and discover that I’ll be speaking with model, eco-consultant, Summer Rayne Oakes.  Cool.  So we finally meet and have a great chat.  I learn that come spring, Payless and Summer will launch Zoe & Zack their first-ever, eco-minded line for gals and guys.  We touch on all the vitals — manufacturing, labor practices, shipping and the like. And then check out the shoes, resting happily atop a display area.

This initial eco collection is created from light on the Earth materials:  hemp, organic cotton, linen, natural latex and other eco-smart stuff.  Sized from 5-13.  Lightweight.  Cool styles.  Muted colors and attractive prints.  And the cost per pair will average no more than thirty bucks. So now there’s no excuse. Everyone will be able to afford to step into stylish, eco-friendly shoes, sandals and sneaks.

April ’09, look for Zoe & Zack at @, and in select Payless locations.

The Daisy print ballet slipper style above, will come in many beautiful shades.  And with Summer’s stamp of approval:)