These days, companies throw around “green” labels like it’s confetti, but they don’t always take the time to explain how they’re environmentally sustainable.  Just because you say you’re green, doesn’t mean much unless you can back it up.  So, how are we, as consumers, supposed to know when companies and products really are what they say they are?

Non-profit, Green Seal, has put retailers and products to the test.  They have created a series of rigorous tests to weed out the phonies from the environmentally responsible.  If the products pass their set rigorous evaluations, demonstrating a reduced impact on the environment, as well as equal or better performance than their peer products, they receive a Green Seal Certification Mark of approval, rated up to three levels (entry, advanced, and top).  This means the product in question has passed the scientific evaluations on their entire life-cycle, beginning with its raw materials through the manufacturing process (including on-site plant inspections), and ending with either disposal or recycling.


Green Seal does the work for us, ensuring the products and services we use abide by environmental standards.  They cover an array of products and services, including household cleaners, papers, paints, windows and doors, and even lodging across the nation.  Visit their website for more information on products that have received their mark of approval and a list of locations where you can find the Green Seal.