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usb memory stick made out of twig


bamboomemstik1.jpgAdd a touch of nature to that sterile plastic box you worship for hours every day with one of these handmade, natural wood USB memory sticks.

Dutch designer, Guido Oooms (possessor of the best name I’ve seen in months) is fighting the good fight, “computer stuff all looks the same.  Almost all are aerodynamic symmetrical pieces of plastic.” Each one-of-kind stick has been uniquely designed by mother nature. This little green gadget is only available in 1GB size.

85.40eur @

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

KAYU – bamboo sunglasses with vision

ku2.jpgNow you can buy cool-looking, eco-minded sunglasses and support a socially responsible company at the same time. Unite for Sight, a non-profit that strives to eliminate preventable blindness and promote general eye health in developing countries such as Ghana, India and Honduras estimates that 80 percent of blindness is curable or preventable.

Jamie Lim, founder of KAYU (meaning, wood) and a partner with Unite for Sight, believes that no one should be denied sight-giving treatment due to a lack of funds, so for every pair of sunglasses purchased, KAYU will sponsor one sight-restoring surgery in the developing world.

These sunglass frames are handcrafted from sustainable bamboo. Cultivated without pesticides or fertilizers, this fast-growing grass renews in just 5-7 years.

get the look and support the program @

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