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residential small wind tax credit

skystream3.7.jpgIt turns out the recently passed $700 billion economic bailout package contained some sweet tasting pork.  In addition to tax credits for geothermal, wind, solar and green building, Congress added tax credits for residential small and micro wind installations.  The ITC (investment tax credit) can subsidize up to $4,000 for installation of qualifying small wind systems, based on the amount of renewable energy produced, and includes vertical-axis wind turbines.

The tax credits were pushed by industry leaders like Southwest WindPower (I believe that’s call lobbying) and is seen as a major boost to the small wind industry which is anticipated to grow at a rate of up to 40% annually.  The ITC will remain in effect for turbines installed through 2016.

previously on altConSkystream 3.7 Small Wind Turbine

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

act2 GreenSmart laptop bags from recycled PET bottles

I was just gazing forlornly at the lame looking, faux-leather monstrosity that is my laptop case.  If I had it to do all over again, and knowing what I know now about consumer waste, I’d definitely make the move to one of these eco-friendly laptop carriers from Shoreline’s act2 GreenSmart line of bags.


These laptop conveyors are made entirely of recycled PET water and soda bottles, padded with post industrial material and look pretty good, too.

find the laptop sleeve for $21.99  and the larger, more robust laptop jacket for $29.99 @  J&R Music

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a mixed bag of green news


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willow creek – memory blankets

wcb1.jpgMany believe as Buddha, life is suffering.  All the more reason especially during these challenging times to celebrate our good times in the present and cherish those from our past. What triggers a fond recollection in our psyche?  Perhaps a scent, sound, photograph or garment we’ve worn.

One fine day five years ago, Michelle realized that she had many fond memories attached to her son’s outgrown baby clothes and couldn’t part with them so she decided to recycle the threads and fabricate what she calls, a memory blanket.  A few years later, her sister Karen decided to create reversible totes. And Pennsylvania-based, Willow Creek Studio was born. Today they create blankets from remnant blasts from the past for both kids and adults.

If you’re not sew inclined, you can send them your cherished clothes and they’ll create a memory blanket for you.  Materials can be a collection of your favorite tee shirts, or whatever turns you on.

Blankets range in size from 16 pieces, ($75) to 72 pieces, ($320).  (Christmas orders are all booked-up but you could order a gift certificate if you’d like to give one as a gift.)

more photos and details @

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