wcb1.jpgMany believe as Buddha, life is suffering.  All the more reason especially during these challenging times to celebrate our good times in the present and cherish those from our past. What triggers a fond recollection in our psyche?  Perhaps a scent, sound, photograph or garment we’ve worn.

One fine day five years ago, Michelle realized that she had many fond memories attached to her son’s outgrown baby clothes and couldn’t part with them so she decided to recycle the threads and fabricate what she calls, a memory blanket.  A few years later, her sister Karen decided to create reversible totes. And Pennsylvania-based, Willow Creek Studio was born. Today they create blankets from remnant blasts from the past for both kids and adults.

If you’re not sew inclined, you can send them your cherished clothes and they’ll create a memory blanket for you.  Materials can be a collection of your favorite tee shirts, or whatever turns you on.

Blankets range in size from 16 pieces, ($75) to 72 pieces, ($320).  (Christmas orders are all booked-up but you could order a gift certificate if you’d like to give one as a gift.)

more photos and details @ willowcreekbaby.com