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baby moon booties from upcycled sweaters


Make your bambino the coolest toddler on the block in these comfy moon booties fashioned from upcycled wool sweaters.  Each pair is one of a kind.  Created by Pumpkinhaus.

Buy stuff from real people.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

TrickleStar – USB standby power saver


Here’s another device that promises to help you save both electricity and cash.  Plug the Tricklestar’s USB cable into your computer, plug the power strip with your computer’s peripherals on it into Tricklestar’s female socket and plug the Tricklestar into your wall outlet.  When your computer is shutdown or in standby the Tricklestar will sense the change in status and power down the power strip attached to the computer’s peripherals until you power-up your computer again.

A couple of small issues, when will it go on sale and at what price?  Look for it in January, though the site says October 2008.

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via: TFTS

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