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Grounding Our Thoughts in Green

With a mission to explore, explain and protect the natural world, the California Academy of Sciences’ incredibly innovative 412,000 square foot structure has become the world’s greenest museum and is sure to attract many seekers with similar goals in mind.


In hand with their focus of understanding how life has evolved and how can it be sustained, their new building is saturated with sustainability from its walls that are insulated with recycled blue jeans, to its vast energy generating solar canopy, radiant floor heating, glass walls which provide 90% of the buildings lighting needs, and a 2.5 acre living roof whose six inches of topsoil act to prevent valuable rainwater from becoming another casualty of the storm water drainage system.

While taking in the museum’s novel new appearance, one’s eyes are immediately drawn to the living rooftop blanketing the building with native plants that will host numerous species of birds, butterflies, and insects.  This earthen roof reduces the inside air temperature by 10 degrees and is one of the reasons why many eco-minded individuals are choosing to build into the earth instead of making their presence known up top.


Besides trimming down on energy consumption and reducing erosion and water waste, these sub-surface hideaways allow free roaming creatures to better survive amidst an increasingly humanistic habitat.
For more information on hobbit-approved housing, visit: and be sure to learn more about the California Academy of Sciences green makeover at

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

natural wrist warmers

As someone who has perpetually cold hands these tre chic wrist warmers, made from sustainable alpaca wool, really grabbed me.


Perfect for fall, winter and spring – whether you’re walking the dog, skating, fishing, doing some light gardening or taking a romantic stroll.  Knitted by hand and available in yummy fudge or oatmeal.
go fingerless @

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The Gatsby Hollywood – a solar-powered community

Green building is going Hollywood.


The Gatsby Hollywood has announced it will be Metro L.A.’s first all solar-powered, green community. The development is under construction on the corner of Hollywood’s Fountain and Wilcox Avenues. The 34 single family detached homes in the all-new community will offer premier sun-powered features and a Certified California Green Builder stamp of approval.  The 1,500 square foot homes will reduce each resident’s carbon footprint, while lowering their monthly utility bills by as much as 60%.

The Gatsby Hollywood is planned and developed by MasterCraft Homes. Energy-saving features include solar roof panels that come with a full warranty and free internet-based solar panel monitoring for 10 years.  Any unused electricity is fed back into the energy grid and the local utility company may give credit for the unused energy. Other features include Energy Star(R) appliances, dual-pane windows with Low-E coating and Bosch(R) Tankless Electric Water Heaters, which will provide water and energy conservation as well as an 82% thermal efficiency rating with up to a 50% reduction in water use.  Energy-efficient interior and exterior lighting will also conserve energy and reduces electric bills. Landscaping will feature a range of drought-resistant California native plants and construction materials will include low-emitting building materials, recycled construction waste and lumber culled from managed forests.

via: marketwatch

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a mixed bag of green news


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