If you’re evaluating your swollen carbon footprint or considering changing to, or augmenting, your urban transportation options, Vespa’s new site (www.VespaUSA.com) may help you make an informed decision.


Scheduled to go live Friday, November 14 “the functional, fun and fast” new site “connects with users by delivering an entertaining interactive experience, a shared sense of community and a wealth of practical reasons to ride.”  Vespa’s marketing people have designed the new site to feature everything from the latest product news, to user-generated favorite riding routes and “has been designed to educate and engage visitors while giving them plenty of fun reasons to return.”
GT_excgray_lrg.jpgThe site’s highlights include:

  • A Google Maps-based ‘Community Rides’ tool that helps scooter commuters or tourers uncover, share, rate, download and comment on new riding routes. Mapped rides can also be updated, saved and resubmitted. Shortcuts to popular destinations, scenic weekend rides, regional routes that avoid local traffic snarls or multi-state adventures are all archived and available in one convenient location.
  • A new interactive ‘History & Heritage’ section traces the evolution of the world’s iconic scooter, including ad campaigns, calendars, advertisements — even songs — that were and are synonymous with significant model introductions.
  • vespared.jpgA new ‘Vespa vs. Auto MPG’ fuel savings calculator in the Vespanomics section invites visitors to see how fast they can supercharge their car or SUV’s fuel economy average by adding a Vespa to the fleet.
  • The site will feature two-Way traffic to local Vespa experts, clubs, forums and groups devoted to the Vespa brand.   Info such as how to join the scooter scene or which product meets a special need, can be quickly found.

So if you’re looking for a cool city ride (the low emissions, Grandtourismo, can hit 74mph and get over 60mpg) and you have a modicum of coordination, a love of bikes and a fearless nature, check out the site on the 14th.

London and New York based design firm Last Exit designed the site.

source: prnewswire