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loop memory key – 2 gig usb travel drive

As you hustle from computer to computer grasping at the fleeting details of your angst filled existence, hopelessly slipping into the abyss…oh crap, that’s me…


Let this geometrically shaped little piece of technology stylishly keep you from losing it all.  The lanyard design and loop shape make this a great utilitarian fashion accessory.  Plugs into that USB port of yours.

$59 in white or orange @

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Friday, November 14, 2008

arm warmers with vintage bakelite buckles

The winter chill is creeping into both my psyche and my fragile flesh. Time to consider fashionable clothing and insulation options.


Let’s start with this set of arm warmers — eco-fashioned from an upcycled, 100% wool sweater and adorned with vintage, eye-catching, Bakelite buckles. Created by designer, gayeabandon.

$26 @

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Seamus the eco-dog weighs in on Obama’s puppy search

As the economy plunges off a cliff all eyes turn to our newly elected First Family’s most important decision, the choice of a ‘first dog’.  The national symbol of love, bravery and companionship.

barneybites.jpgThe outgoing ‘first-dog’, Barney the Scotty, (a traditionally cranky lot) is seen expressing his affection for the mainstream media in the photo on the right.  Such expressions of partisan sentiment can’t be allowed to fester in the Obama administration.  The family of ‘The Big O” must weigh all factors in making the first crucial decision of their presidency.  Temperament, posture, nation of origin, hypo-allergenic qualities, intelligence and good looks should all factor into the choice when choosing a pooch who can reach a paw across the aisle.

seamstudious___1_1_1.JPGMy nominee (photo at right) is a noble beast of regal lineage, a breed named after the great sports town where our democracy had its beginning.  The color palette of the breed bespeaks Obama’s own mixed origins.  My personal experience as a ‘rescue dog’ speaks to the intelligence and patriotism of canines in rescue programs nationwide.

The chew toy is in your court Barack. Take the first well-reasoned step of your presidency by clicking below.

boston terrier

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a mixed bag of green news


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Healthy Living – How to Avoid Reckless Aging

If you’re like myself, little reminder notes compete for surface area on your refrigerator, desk, and mirror, everyday ringing your “to-do-bell” in case your mind were to fall short. Memory loss is something we’ve all experienced at one time or another, yet with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases taking first and second place in the race of American neurodegenerative diseases, one has to wonder what steps can be taken to lessen the risks.


A new report, Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging, reinforces the hunch that our health as humans is tightly woven with the Earth’s ecological health. The report published jointly by Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Science and Environmental Health Network reveals how our current food and agricultural practices, chemical and energy choices, sedentary lifestyles and social relations have been pulling our health right out from underneath us. For instance, pesticides, air pollution, physical inactivity and stress were found in direct route of physical and cognitive decline within exposed individuals. The authors include techniques on how to improve our health of tomorrow by simply adjusting our nutritional, chemical, physical and social choices of today.

The full report is free to download @, but if becoming entranced by a glowing screen for 210 pages isn’t quite your idea of a good read, you can donate $20 through the web address and receive the book printed with soy-based inks on 100% recycled paper with 50% post consumer content.  Read up and age well.

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