As the economy plunges off a cliff all eyes turn to our newly elected First Family’s most important decision, the choice of a ‘first dog’.  The national symbol of love, bravery and companionship.

barneybites.jpgThe outgoing ‘first-dog’, Barney the Scotty, (a traditionally cranky lot) is seen expressing his affection for the mainstream media in the photo on the right.  Such expressions of partisan sentiment can’t be allowed to fester in the Obama administration.  The family of ‘The Big O” must weigh all factors in making the first crucial decision of their presidency.  Temperament, posture, nation of origin, hypo-allergenic qualities, intelligence and good looks should all factor into the choice when choosing a pooch who can reach a paw across the aisle.

seamstudious___1_1_1.JPGMy nominee (photo at right) is a noble beast of regal lineage, a breed named after the great sports town where our democracy had its beginning.  The color palette of the breed bespeaks Obama’s own mixed origins.  My personal experience as a ‘rescue dog’ speaks to the intelligence and patriotism of canines in rescue programs nationwide.

The chew toy is in your court Barack. Take the first well-reasoned step of your presidency by clicking below.

boston terrier