A helpful reader just turned us on to Blu Homes, an innovative builder of prefab, sustainable green homes.


Blu Homes factory manufactures stylish, energy efficient, sustainable homes utilizing Cradle to Cradle (c2c) certified building materials, energy efficient lighting and appliances, efficient heating and cooling technologies (radiant heat and tankless water heaters etc.), low VOC finishes, countertops and tiles created from recycled materials and carpets and decks made of recycled composite materials.


They offer a variety of small to comfortably large designs ranging from studios to multiple bedroom layouts.  Passive solar positioning for optimal heating and cooling is factored into every project.  Designs are flexible and customizable.  A typical Blu Home can be factory manufactured in 4 to 6 weeks including full assembly and flat-bed truck to the building site where it can be assembled in as little as a couple of weeks.

Blu Homes are estimated to save up to – and over – 60% in energy costs over a typical code built, or existing home and their manufacturing process is estimated to reduce material waste by 50 to 70%.  The designs are intended to reflect all current insulation and energy efficient technologies, and these home are built to last.


Prices can range from as low as $50k for a small studio to $255k for a three bedroom 2 bath “Retreat” home.  The buyer is responsible for land purchase, septic etc.

Your ‘fun’ home can designed to your lifestyle and needs.  The company is currently finishing installation of homes in Massachusetts and Utah.  If you’re interested in more details or purchasing a home contact them at info@bluhomes.com or visit their website.

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