Finland’s Windside Wind Turbines cut its teeth designing wind turbines for remote weather stations and installations located in the harshest and most extreme environments, from the frigid Antarctic to the sizzling Sahara desert.  Though they specialize in professional installations, the company does offer an interesting consumer small wind turbine for sale in Europe and Canada.


The chimney, pole, or roof-mounted turbine which is designed for off-the-grid cabins or cottages, is completely silent, bird friendly and operates in high and low winds. The system charges a battery and is not designed for grid tie-in.  Windside’s professional experience has driven the company to design low maintenance, highly efficient, extremely durable turbines with a long lifespan (hence the 10 year warranty). Get technical specs here.

Hopefully serious money and design resources will soon be hitting the small wind market transforming small wind systems from interesting design novelties into mainstream home energy solutions.