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PURE organic, raw and vegan snack bars

Take a bite of PURE goodness and say hello to your next BFF (best food forever). Filled with nutritious, truly healthy ingredients, these snack bars pack a powerful punch of flavor, fiber, protein and omega 3s.


Earth- and body-friendly, each PURE bar is: certified organic, raw and cold-processed, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free; and made with dates, walnuts, almonds, brown rice protein and agave nectar. Then, depending on the flavor — chocolate brownie, apple cinnamon, cherry cashew, wild blueberry, cocChip trailmix, cranberry orange — more, first class goodness is mixed in to every bar.  No cholesterol or trans fat, GMOs, preservatives, and artificial or processed anything to pollute your mind or body.  only $2.39/each or $28.99/dozen. most marvelous indeed. (personal fave, cranberry orange)

find pure taste and pure goodness @

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

fur bikinis – what’s up with that?

This is so wrong I just don’t know where to begin.


Bursting out of the frigid north country of Sarah Pallin comes a concept with absolutely no redeeming social value.  Hit the water in one of these animal pelt swimsuits and you’ll exit the surf looking like a wet muskrat in search of some flea & tick spray.

1millyrsbc1.jpg Appealing solely to those with a ‘Daniel Boone’ sense of fashion, these fur suits give a whole new meaning to that 70’s compliment, ‘that’s one foxy chick’.  Perhaps the design was inspired by Raquel Welch in that film classic, “One Million Years B.C.”.  At least those are mannequins and not live models.

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PIE studio’s annual sale

Sexy eco-furniture designer, PIE studio’s, “END OF YEAR SALE SALE SALE” is a limited offer with a limited amount of items and for a limited time only.  The ‘once a year sale’ features select items reduced 25%-45% off retail value.


PIE’s eco-friendly furniture is composed of water hyacinth, liana, bamboo and rattan.  The sale runs through 12/31/08.

the ’round stool’ pictured above is on sale for $150

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Project Import Export:  taming the aquatic weed

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Benjamin Moore: Green Without Compromise

If you’ve ever read the label on the back of conventional paint cans, you’ll find a list of ingredients hazardous to your health.  In fact, a Johns Hopkins University study (scroll to Paint via the link) reported that 300 toxic chemicals and 150 carcinogens may be found in oil-based paint.  When paint dries, the liquid chemicals evaporate into the air, known as volatile organic compounds (VOC).  Breathing these vapors can be particularly harmful to your health.  And, if paint is improperly disposed, it can pose serious threats to the environment.  Because paint is used nearly everywhere, including buildings, airports, and homes, there is a great demand for safer paint, to preserve human health and protect the environment.


Benjamin Moore Paints has made a green promise ensuring that their environmentally friendly paints do not merely meet industry standards (including LEED and Green Seal), but often exceed them, without compromising quality. (more) (more…)

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homesteading – good bye grid, hello hands

The notion of homesteading and “living off the grid” seems to invoke states of either self-reliant bliss or irrepressible confusion as to why anyone in this technological age would want to succumb to the law of the land, once again.


If you fall into the first category, then you’re probably someone who’s weary of depending upon others for food, energy, and clothing, and have had enough 9-5 routines that provide only a few months worth of assurance and a home that looks increasingly like everyone else’s. If you fall into the second category, there’s a chance that this feeling is in part provoked by a deficiency of knowledge and confidence on where to begin and how such a lifestyle could possibly allow your family to thrive.

iStock_000004851573XSmall_1_1.jpgRegardless of which category you might fall into, there are many resources out there to satisfy your curiosity. A nice destination for a plentiful pack of articles that illustrates what homesteading encompasses while also providing many tricks of the trade can be found at  However, if you’ve already found yourself consumed with the idea and want to dig right in, there are several schools available that offer homesteading classes to get you started on the right foot. Becoming more self-sufficient gets you humming, but you can’t imagine kicking all of your metropolitan habits?  Urban-homesteading may be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Many thanks to our reader-turned-muse who turned us onto the above mentioned schools; your tip was most appreciated.

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