If you’ve ever read the label on the back of conventional paint cans, you’ll find a list of ingredients hazardous to your health.  In fact, a Johns Hopkins University study (scroll to Paint via the link) reported that 300 toxic chemicals and 150 carcinogens may be found in oil-based paint.  When paint dries, the liquid chemicals evaporate into the air, known as volatile organic compounds (VOC).  Breathing these vapors can be particularly harmful to your health.  And, if paint is improperly disposed, it can pose serious threats to the environment.  Because paint is used nearly everywhere, including buildings, airports, and homes, there is a great demand for safer paint, to preserve human health and protect the environment.


Benjamin Moore Paints has made a green promise ensuring that their environmentally friendly paints do not merely meet industry standards (including LEED and Green Seal), but often exceed them, without compromising quality. (more)

Their Natura Paint is a waterborne paint that contains zero VOC, is virtually odorless, and is available in an array of colors that may suit any mood, (per above).  And, unlike their competitors, (hmm, wonder who they are?), Natura emits far fewer volatile emissions, as indicated in the graph below.


So, for your next household project, keep Benjamin Moore’s Natura line in mind.  They promise that you can breathe easy with their environmentally friendly paints, and without having to compromise on performance. Natura Interior paints are available now in WA, CA, TX and OR.  And will be available nationwide, spring 2009.