The notion of homesteading and “living off the grid” seems to invoke states of either self-reliant bliss or irrepressible confusion as to why anyone in this technological age would want to succumb to the law of the land, once again.


If you fall into the first category, then you’re probably someone who’s weary of depending upon others for food, energy, and clothing, and have had enough 9-5 routines that provide only a few months worth of assurance and a home that looks increasingly like everyone else’s. If you fall into the second category, there’s a chance that this feeling is in part provoked by a deficiency of knowledge and confidence on where to begin and how such a lifestyle could possibly allow your family to thrive.

iStock_000004851573XSmall_1_1.jpgRegardless of which category you might fall into, there are many resources out there to satisfy your curiosity. A nice destination for a plentiful pack of articles that illustrates what homesteading encompasses while also providing many tricks of the trade can be found at  However, if you’ve already found yourself consumed with the idea and want to dig right in, there are several schools available that offer homesteading classes to get you started on the right foot. Becoming more self-sufficient gets you humming, but you can’t imagine kicking all of your metropolitan habits?  Urban-homesteading may be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Many thanks to our reader-turned-muse who turned us onto the above mentioned schools; your tip was most appreciated.