Take a bite of PURE goodness and say hello to your next BFF (best food forever). Filled with nutritious, truly healthy ingredients, these snack bars pack a powerful punch of flavor, fiber, protein and omega 3s.


Earth- and body-friendly, each PURE bar is: certified organic, raw and cold-processed, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free; and made with dates, walnuts, almonds, brown rice protein and agave nectar. Then, depending on the flavor — chocolate brownie, apple cinnamon, cherry cashew, wild blueberry, cocChip trailmix, cranberry orange — more, first class goodness is mixed in to every bar.  No cholesterol or trans fat, GMOs, preservatives, and artificial or processed anything to pollute your mind or body.  only $2.39/each or $28.99/dozen. most marvelous indeed. (personal fave, cranberry orange)

find pure taste and pure goodness @ thepurebar.com.