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SolarGorilla solar charger – for laptops + more

solargorilla1.jpegClimbing the Himalayas or heading to your off-the-grid chalet to write your next green how-to book?  Maybe you’ll need to keep your laptop charged.  This SolarGorilla Solar Charger will keep your iPod, laptop cell phone, PDA and handheld games powered-up no matter how far off the beaten track you get.  Clam shell design keeps your solar panels safe when traveling.  Comes with a bunch of adapters and a neoprene case.

$249.85 @

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Note: If you’re a Mac Air, Macbook Pro or Macbook user you’ll need the Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter for another $59.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

eco chic weekly

This week’s roundup of eco chic happenings brought to you by a select group of hopelessly green galpals.

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speesees – evolution of a green brand

Grounded in earth-friendly manufacturing practices utilizing:  100% organic cotton, low-impact dyes, nickel-free snaps, and no dioxin or formaldehyde, speesees’ super soft and comfy kiddie clothes are also smartly designed to be layered and worn year-round.


Owner and creator Rachel Pearson recently opened doors to a showroom and headquarters in San Francisco.  In addition to their established range of mix and match baby clothing, they’ll soon offer grown-ups organic bedding, pillows and curtains.  Customers can also send back their kids’ well-worn and loved speesees clothing so that it can be donated to local charity organizations.  more @

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a mixed bag of green news


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Greenaid reusable shopping bag

Pull the pin on this cool looking reusable shopping bag and you’ll quickly become the talk of your grocery store’s checkout line.  Created by designers lovegrove & repucci, this roomy polyester bag is handily stored in a durable, neoprene outer shell.  The eye-catching slogan on the bag will make your efforts to cut down plastic bag use a public statement.


Make sure you use it frequently to counter balance the fossil fuel used in making the neoprene outer shell.  File under ‘doing more good than harm’ or ‘we’re not quite there yet.’

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