zpitcher1.jpgA Tried and True, Green Products Review:  We’ve run our New York City tap water through this filter and darned if it doesn’t work! The Z-Pitcher has a filter on top that you pour your tap water through to clean it up.  The filter features five different filtration stages to eliminate organic, inorganic and radiological contaminants–lead, chromium, mercury, hydrogen sulfide and other funky matter to make your tap water taste better and be cleaner. The cool part is that ZeroWater provides an independently-made electronic water tester with each pitcher, so you can do before-and-after testing on your tap water and do comparisons to bottled water. The 1/2 gallon pitcher has a quick-drink button that lets you dispense water without moving the pitcher.

zwatertester.jpgThe electronic tester helps you know precisely when to change your filters. Each filter has estimated average filter life of 25-30 gallons of water.  You save on water, don’t have to lug gallons of bottled water around and don’t send plastic bottles to the landfill.  We figured that using this pitcher full-time would cost about one-third as much as buying the equivalent amount of bottled H2O.

It reduced the parts per million dissolved solids in our NYC tap water from 62 ppm to 0.  Typical tap water measures between 75 and 300 ppm.  Not bad.

You can get the Z-Pitcher, TDS Meter and one filter @ our new Open Sky Shop, ($35), or visit the ZeroWater website for their special offers.  Replacement filters run about $14 each, (less if buy bulk).