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Green Gift Guide for the Holidays – by, Carrie

It’s that time of year.  Each of our contributors will be posting their own Green Holiday Gift Guide.  Here are some great ideas from our London-based writer, the fabulously green, Carrie.


For Men

  • The new MacBook Pro—More energy efficient and highly recyclable
  • Hemp Messenger Bag—for the eco-conscious man on the go, a smart-looking carry-all bag made of…hemp!

For Women

  • Vosges Yoga + Chocolate Mini Bar Gift Box – Perfect for the health nut who loves dark chocolate. The gift box includes seven mind-freeing mini candy bars (one for each chakra), along with chocolate chakra recipes and a guidebook written by yogi David Romanelli with quotes, fun insights, helpful illustrations and links to music you can access through David’s website.
  • PVC-free Lunch Buddy -PVC-and Teflon-free Lunch Buddy that exceeds CA Prop 65 standards for lead and other toxins, while being stylish and fun. Great for kids, too.
  • Proud Mary Tote – A bright tote with gold straps for added panache, made by artisans in Guatemala. Proud Mary, an organization recently started by a friend of mine, pays double the average wage to their weavers for their work and is committed to providing them with a consistent income.
  • Grounds for Change Fair Trade Bushel Basket – For the caffeine addict, includes three eight-ounce bags of Fair Trade coffee, two boxes of Fair Trade tea, five-pack bundle of Fair Trade Divine Chocolate Bars, a Fair Trade copper and brass coffee scoop from Chile and one can of Fair Trade cocoa powder from Divine Chocolate; (one of my fave chocolates)! (Update: links removed)

For Men and Women

Membership to an Organic Wine of the Month Club—send your loved one three bottles of organic wine a month because it’s good for the heart, and better for the planet. (more…)

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

5 green gifts for an economic downturn

  • headsculp1.jpgWhittle hand-carved busts of your family and friends out of found lumber. Not only will the DIY works of art be an attractive addition to any living room or mantle, but when times get really tough, the sculptures can be thrown in the fireplace or wood stove to heat one’s home.
  • Give both Mother Earth and your wallet a gift by keeping that Chevy Suburban of yours in your garage for a week while you carpool with your mother-in-law in her Geo Prism.
  • Dumpster dive for that Playstation One (PS1 circa 1995) that your neighbor just threw out, or that Cabbage Patch doll that your creepy cousin Duane was storing in his crawlspace.
  • bush_bong.jpgYou’ve been a good dooby and have been faithfully composting for the last 12 years – give each of your lovely relatives a 30-gallon trash bag of your black gold for Christmas, accompanied by a bonus gift of a classic bong from your cherished college bong collection and get them jump-started on growing their own…
  • Give each of the attendees at your holiday gathering a lovely handmade wreath made of recycled toilet bowl brushes.  The thoughtful decoration can also be used to address bathroom touch-ups during post-holiday cleanup activities…
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