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happy new year everybody


cheers to you.

with our best wishes for a very green, healthy, happy 2009!

in honor of bad behavior, we’re all taking off New Year’s Day.

and resolving to not make any new resolutions.

see you next year…hopefully without a hangover.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

John Masters Organics – Shine On

jmso.jpgWith Shine On, a new hair styling product from John Masters Organics in hand, we had the opportunity to put it to the test.

My hair is long, and has a tendency to be dry in the winter so I was curious to see if this green goo would make a difference.  And from the first time I applied it to my wet head of hair, I’m happy to say that it really works.  My locks really do look and feel healthy, soft, and shiny.  My hair feels moisturized, and the volume is kicked up a notch. A definite green thumbs up.

It’s not surprising.  When I looked into the ingredient mix, I realized that the addition of a new innovation to beauty, organic sea kelp is key to this product’s success.  You won’t find any of the nasty stuff in any of John’s products.  He adheres to a very strict, self-imposed set of eco and body friendly standards for every one of the 30 products in this unique brand.

find at Whole Foods ($30) or buy online @ before 12/31/08 and receive 20% off, enter code “so” at checkout. So go and get your Shine On.

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camp trailer birdhouse

For that feathered friend who just wants to get away…


Winter’s a great time to get out your power tools and create some bird-friendly housing.

$27 @ etsy

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battery-free, wind-up remote control

Wind_Up_Remote_Control.jpgDisposable batteries consumed by devices ranging from garage door openers to vibrators are an expensive, toxic source of pollution.

Eco-friendly alternatives include rechargeable batteries and wind-up, or crank powered devices, like this Wind-up Remote Control from EZ Power.

Thirty turns of the remote’s dial will fully charge this baby for a whole week. Keep it fully charged by turning the dial a few times while watching those re-runs of Baywatch or Wild Kingdom. This man-powered remote can control up to 6 devices at a time.

Now if they could just make this gadget out of bamboo…

£19.53 @

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a mixed bag of green news


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